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29 September 2011

There's still time to know your roots!

Thank you to Lyn Mowat who has contributed a review of the exhibition 'Roots' for this post (in italics):


"Corporate Sponsors of SAW, King's College, Taunton, have kindly hosted Venue 97 in this year's Artweeks. The exhibition which has been carefully curated by the artists consists of the high quality work of four artists who compliment each other in every possible way. Two artists work in wood, Trevor Salway-Roberts' formal carving is exquisite and is a lively contrast to Emma Duke's wood constructions that use driftwood and have a sense of the wild and free. Samantha Gilbert's printmaking has the feel of textiles and sits well with the beautiful installation by Lucy Lean who's work seems to go from strength to strength.
King's College generously hosted a Friends' Event and prizes for the lucky winners of the two recent Friends' Prize Draws were presented. The Friends Committee is enormously grateful to Julia Thompson who has given a silver pendant to a delighted Audrey Roux and kind Jo Luxstead has given a beautiful angel to Shirley Lomas.
Art is uplifting and inspiring and forging partnerships like the one with King's College, Taunton is a wonderfully positive experience for everyone. Thank you one and all."

(above) Lucy Lean -mixed media/installation
(above) Emma Duke -driftwood sculptures

(above) Samantha Gilbert -printmaking

(above) Trevor Salway-Roberts -woodcarving

This week I went to visit 'Roots' myself and I agree with what Lyn has written about how the four artists' work has come together really well in this exhibition. There are similarities and comparisons to made of the textures, materials and surfaces that the artists have used. Whilst they are similar in their use of natural forms/materials the exhibition also demonstrates a variety of techniques (from wood carving to print making) and ideas that the artists have used to make the work (and if you talk to them they will tell you lots more about it all). The gallery at Kings College is small but perfectly formed and makes this an intimate and thoughtfully curated exhibition.

For more details please go to: or venue 97 in the SAW catalogue.

You still have three days of art weeks to go! There's still lots to go and see!

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