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18 September 2011

There's art in them thar' hills!

Still on my whirlwind tour of art weeks venues....last Friday night was the private view of a four artists show at 'The Lamb and Flag' pub in the village of Blagdon. 'An exhibition in a pub!' I exclaimed. Hrrrmm...looks like this years art weeks is not going to be kind on my liver...However, on with the show, visitors to this venue this art weeks will see; still life paintings from Michael Tarr (pictured), Sara Dudman's paintings of people, animals and plants (also pictured), Richard Holt's 'site specific' sculpture and Phil Dudman's landscape paintings. All set in the converted skittle alley of the pub (its very cool, believe me) there's a lot of work on view!

Michael Tarr
Sara Dudman

For more details of when and where to visit please look in the SAW catalogue at venue 104 or click on the handy link below:

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