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30 September 2010

Come on down to the Farm this Sunday!

To close Art weeks this year please join artists, Liz Fathers, Gary Dickins, Natalie Parsley and Hacker Farm who will be giving talks at their exhibition in the Tithe barn in Cotley, Nr Chard, this Sunday 2-5pm!
Look forward to seeing you there!
For more information look at Venue 41 in the SAW catalogue or click on the link below:

(above) Liz Father's site specific installation at The Tithe barn in Cotley

(above) Natalie Parsley's tool paintings in the Tithe barn

(above) Video/sound installation and video by Hacker Farm also in the Tithe barn.
Click on the link below to see an article about this exhibition in this weeks Gazette:

29 September 2010

There's art in them thar hills!

There's only four more days of Somerset Art Weeks to go, but I'm still trying to catch as many shows as I possibly can. Today, I had the pleasure of visiting Sara Dudman, Phil Dudman and Michael Tarr's venue at The Lamb and Flag at Blagdon Hill.

There's a lot of work to see at this venue, its in a lovely village and right next to a pub so what more could you ask for! I would recommend catching this venue before the end of art weeks this year.

(above)One of Sara Dudman's paintings.

(above) Michael Tarr's delicious icecream paintings

(above) A few more of Sara Dudman's paintings

For more information on this venue please look at venue number 9 in the SAW catalogue. Or click on the lovely link below:

Youvil needs YOU!

Somerset Art weeks continue until this Sunday! So there's still time to check out and participate in the Youvil art project of which details can be read below:
Or click on the following link, venue 57 in the SAW catalogue:

Youvil needs you!
As part of this year’s Somerset Art Weeks Open Studio festival, the Young Art Promoters (YAP) need your help to create the fictitious town of 'Youvil' - population yet unknown but steadily rising...

Working in collaboration with professional artist Nina Wyllie and with the support of Spaeda (Somerset Arts Education Partnership), the Young Arts Promoters (aka YAP) have been stealthily transforming The Octagon Theatre in Yeovil into Youvil – a town created by the people for the people. Through a shared desire to produce participatory, celebratory and inclusive artwork, they have engineered innovative ways to interact with Yeovil and its inhabitants. Following their participation in a series of creative led workshops YAP are now inviting you through a series of task based instructions to share your stories, truths and experiences in an attempt to reveal the lives of those who move through Yeovil – ‘Youvil’.

To get the ball rolling we'd like to invite you to participate in one of the tasks being exhibited in ‘Youvil’:

task: Write down a significant moment (personal or public) that took place in Yeovil, that the people of Youvil could learn from.It doesn’t matter what you write just pick up a pen and share your experiences. Please send your responses on a postcard to:

Youvil, Octagon Theatre, Hendford, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 1UX. Final date for accepted submissions: Friday 1st October 2010

As well as showcasing ‘Youvil’, The Octagon is becoming this year’s central hub for young people’s creativity in the festival, presenting two additional inspiring exhibitions. Somerset Rural Youth Project, as part of Somerset Art Work’s Making Matters, will present a selection of photographic images created by the shared experience of young and older generations working together. Also on offer a signpost show highlighting the artistic talent of young people from local schools and colleges; including Yeovil College, Westfield Community School, Fiveways School and the following Art Weeks venues: King’s College Taunton, Bruton School for Girls and Blue School.
So with an open invitation extended to all to get involved, why not send a postcard, and then come and check out ‘Youvil's’ very own post office. Scribble on a school desk, plant a magic wishing bean and discover the young artistic talent that’s on offer from across the county. Help us to make ‘Youvil’ your very own.

Exhibition: 18th September - 3rd October at the Octagon Theatre with special events taking place on Saturday 2nd October between 11am - midday. All exhibitions and participation is free.
Click on the below link for an interview with YAP on the radio:

28 September 2010

POWWOW with Jon and Edward

Please check out Jon England and Edward Milligan's Exhibition this Somerset Art Weeks. The show continues until October 3rd! Venue 11 in the SAW catalogue!

Not all those who wander are lost...

Hello! The following info could be really useful and of interest to recent graduates, emerging artists and more....

Please click on the link below about the 'Finding you way' day at Barrington Court, Wednesday 20th October.

It aims to provide the opportunity for artists to widen networks, share feedback and get advice on practice and projects.

Features presentations from John Plowman and exhibiting artist Louise K Wilson!

22 September 2010

One afternoon SAW challenge: Venue 5

Phew! This was the last venue I visited on my afternoon challenge. I had set myself the task of trying to visit as many venues in Taunton on foot as possible and this was the sixth one I had made it to in the space of four hours. I would have done more but time at this point was against me (well that and the fact that I was hungry...).
Anyway, so here I was at my last but not least venue of the day,
Venue 5: Rachel Hartland

All six venues I visited this afternoon were really interesting to see and I particularly enjoyed the ones where I met and spoke to the artists. Having the opportunity to meet and learn about the kind of work produced in Somerset (in this case particularly around where I live) is very useful to me as an artist and inspiring to see some of the innovative ideas and places they work in. It has also made me even more aware of how invaluable it is for artists to receive feedback and have discussions with visitors to art weeks and I'd encourage people to visit studios and exhibitions more often.

I plan on going to visit many more venues during the rest of art weeks so watch this space.....

One afternoon SAW challenge: Venues 3 and 4

I still had time on my afternoon SAW challenge to see as many venues on foot as I could in Taunton. In these photos you have venues 3 and 4.
Venue 3: Debra Cazalet
Venue 4: Sarah Thompson-Engles

Venue 3: Debra Cazalet's studio

Venue 3: Debra Cazalet's studio and a work in progress installation piece.

Venue 4: Sarah Thompson-Engles

Venue 4: Sarah Thompson-Engels

One afternoon SAW challenge! Venues 1 and 6

(Below) Me at The Brewhouse exhibition
My SAW one afternoon challenge continued with a visit to The Brewhouse and Kings College, where I saw two lots of photography.
Venue 1:
Venue 6:

Inside the gallery space at Kings College, showing Ingrid Hesling's photos.

One afternoon SAW challenge! Venue 2

Ok, I'll admit that I've been busy. So busy, I haven't blogged in a while so I set myself the challenge of seeing how many art week venues I could walk to from where I live in Taunton in one afternoon. The following blogs are the results of my travels....


7 September 2010

Liz Father's site specific installation at Cotley Tithe barn

Below are some images from an installation by Elizabeth Fathers, whose new site specific installation can be seen at the Cotley Tithe barn, Nr Chard during this Somerset Art Weeks.

Firstly here's a bit about Liz and her work:

I am an environmental artist exploring and reflecting on the complex idea of how people and the environment interconnect. Through my installations I investigate visually and conceptually the delicate balance in nature, which when disturbed can threaten our survival. I combine natural materials, found objects, and surplus materials to combine sculptural forms both in the gallery and site specific. My work is in a perpetual transition and aesthetic flux, demonstrating the unpredictability of using these materials. Storage and creative space is a problem. An ideal studio would be a reclamation yard!

And here's what Liz had to say about her preparation for art weeks this year:

"Preparing for two installations at the Cotley Barn. Images of my “Flotsam & Jetsam” exhibition show my work is unpredictable and experimental. Installations pose such dilemmas as “How long does a fish last in a plastic bag of jelly?” Present quandary is how long does it take to blow up 200 balloons, will they deflate before the end of Somerset Art Weeks? How do you transport 200 carefully painted inflated balloons? Good news is I’ve been offered cider apples for my second installation, if I can wrestle the sheep to get to them. Does SAW insurance cover death by sheep!!"

If you're interested to talk to Liz and see her work please come to Cotley during art weeks this year. Liz is exhibiting with three other beautiful artists, Gary Dickins, Hacker farm and ...Natalie Parsley and can be found at venue 41 in the SAW catalogue or click on the link below for more info:

Can't keep this one contained for long!

Here's more from those sneak peak previews of artists studios during art weeks. Today, featuring painter Diane Burnell!

You can visit Diane in her container in Taunton this art weeks from the 18th September til the 3rd October. See venue 2 in the SAW catalogue or click on the link below for more details:

1 September 2010

Visit Hut 27 and see work by Jon England and Edward Milligan!

Behold Jon England's 'hut' which is also his inspiration and studio for his work located at Lower Durston, Somerset. Jon sent me this image as a part of my on-going collection of studios from the different artists taking part in the 'open studios' theme for art weeks this year.

You can find out more about Jon's work and the connection his studio has with his practice on the link below. It also includes details of location and opening times. Venue 11 in the SAW catalogue.