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7 September 2010

Liz Father's site specific installation at Cotley Tithe barn

Below are some images from an installation by Elizabeth Fathers, whose new site specific installation can be seen at the Cotley Tithe barn, Nr Chard during this Somerset Art Weeks.

Firstly here's a bit about Liz and her work:

I am an environmental artist exploring and reflecting on the complex idea of how people and the environment interconnect. Through my installations I investigate visually and conceptually the delicate balance in nature, which when disturbed can threaten our survival. I combine natural materials, found objects, and surplus materials to combine sculptural forms both in the gallery and site specific. My work is in a perpetual transition and aesthetic flux, demonstrating the unpredictability of using these materials. Storage and creative space is a problem. An ideal studio would be a reclamation yard!

And here's what Liz had to say about her preparation for art weeks this year:

"Preparing for two installations at the Cotley Barn. Images of my “Flotsam & Jetsam” exhibition show my work is unpredictable and experimental. Installations pose such dilemmas as “How long does a fish last in a plastic bag of jelly?” Present quandary is how long does it take to blow up 200 balloons, will they deflate before the end of Somerset Art Weeks? How do you transport 200 carefully painted inflated balloons? Good news is I’ve been offered cider apples for my second installation, if I can wrestle the sheep to get to them. Does SAW insurance cover death by sheep!!"

If you're interested to talk to Liz and see her work please come to Cotley during art weeks this year. Liz is exhibiting with three other beautiful artists, Gary Dickins, Hacker farm and ...Natalie Parsley and can be found at venue 41 in the SAW catalogue or click on the link below for more info:

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