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29 September 2010

Youvil needs YOU!

Somerset Art weeks continue until this Sunday! So there's still time to check out and participate in the Youvil art project of which details can be read below:
Or click on the following link, venue 57 in the SAW catalogue:

Youvil needs you!
As part of this year’s Somerset Art Weeks Open Studio festival, the Young Art Promoters (YAP) need your help to create the fictitious town of 'Youvil' - population yet unknown but steadily rising...

Working in collaboration with professional artist Nina Wyllie and with the support of Spaeda (Somerset Arts Education Partnership), the Young Arts Promoters (aka YAP) have been stealthily transforming The Octagon Theatre in Yeovil into Youvil – a town created by the people for the people. Through a shared desire to produce participatory, celebratory and inclusive artwork, they have engineered innovative ways to interact with Yeovil and its inhabitants. Following their participation in a series of creative led workshops YAP are now inviting you through a series of task based instructions to share your stories, truths and experiences in an attempt to reveal the lives of those who move through Yeovil – ‘Youvil’.

To get the ball rolling we'd like to invite you to participate in one of the tasks being exhibited in ‘Youvil’:

task: Write down a significant moment (personal or public) that took place in Yeovil, that the people of Youvil could learn from.It doesn’t matter what you write just pick up a pen and share your experiences. Please send your responses on a postcard to:

Youvil, Octagon Theatre, Hendford, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 1UX. Final date for accepted submissions: Friday 1st October 2010

As well as showcasing ‘Youvil’, The Octagon is becoming this year’s central hub for young people’s creativity in the festival, presenting two additional inspiring exhibitions. Somerset Rural Youth Project, as part of Somerset Art Work’s Making Matters, will present a selection of photographic images created by the shared experience of young and older generations working together. Also on offer a signpost show highlighting the artistic talent of young people from local schools and colleges; including Yeovil College, Westfield Community School, Fiveways School and the following Art Weeks venues: King’s College Taunton, Bruton School for Girls and Blue School.
So with an open invitation extended to all to get involved, why not send a postcard, and then come and check out ‘Youvil's’ very own post office. Scribble on a school desk, plant a magic wishing bean and discover the young artistic talent that’s on offer from across the county. Help us to make ‘Youvil’ your very own.

Exhibition: 18th September - 3rd October at the Octagon Theatre with special events taking place on Saturday 2nd October between 11am - midday. All exhibitions and participation is free.
Click on the below link for an interview with YAP on the radio:

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