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29 September 2010

There's art in them thar hills!

There's only four more days of Somerset Art Weeks to go, but I'm still trying to catch as many shows as I possibly can. Today, I had the pleasure of visiting Sara Dudman, Phil Dudman and Michael Tarr's venue at The Lamb and Flag at Blagdon Hill.

There's a lot of work to see at this venue, its in a lovely village and right next to a pub so what more could you ask for! I would recommend catching this venue before the end of art weeks this year.

(above)One of Sara Dudman's paintings.

(above) Michael Tarr's delicious icecream paintings

(above) A few more of Sara Dudman's paintings

For more information on this venue please look at venue number 9 in the SAW catalogue. Or click on the lovely link below:

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