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11 September 2011

Printing archives of the Somerset College print room...

Hi, with Art Weeks 2011 looming get used to lots of posts coming your way in the next few weeks. Take this post for example, a really brief but beautiful exhibition in the White Space at Somerset College featuring hundreds of prints from the print room archives, displayed 'Oh so neatly' by Ash Thomas (Somerset College's print room technical demonstrator). In fact it was so brief by the time you read this, it won't actually be up anymore. Which is a shame because, as my photos kind of show here, there was a lot of really interesting prints to see. Actually, SAW, Tim Martin and several students helped hang a new show (for art weeks!) in the space where these prints were hanging yesterday....more to come shortly on that exciting news.....
But for now, I know its late but I couldn't write about any other exhibitions until I paid a proper tribute to this awesome, less known about collection of prints. So please take a peak at the photos and enjoy!

(above) Personally, I was particularly excited to see a print of an umbrella -a favourite thing of mine to paint and draw in the past.
Wood-cut, lino, etching, silk screen, lithograph are just a few of the processes that were on display, but as you can see there's lots of variation on offer within those techniques.

More prints -abstract pieces to more figurative ones.

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