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18 September 2011

SAW Roadtrip: Day one - Porlock and around there abouts

(above) Some of Jenny Barron's paintings in the Old Church at Old Cleeve -Featuring, tools and more! A great location and good variety of painting and some printmaking and sculpture on offer.
Venue 83
This post would probably do better with the title, 'So much art, so little time!' as Sunday saw my family and I visit seven arts venues around the Minehead, Porlock region. Compared to last years art weeks which were open studios this years SAW format means that there are often a lot of artists exhibiting together in one place (which is better in my opinion as it means you get to see more work). The below is a collection of images from that days viewings, with a little bit of commentary. Hopefully you might find it useful as it provides a route of venues that you can visit. This journey is from Taunton to Porlock along the Minehead road. Enjoy!
(above) A familiar art weeks visitor inspects Lucy Large's work at Castlake Farm.
Venue 90
(above) I know it isn't the 'art' but can't resist taking photos of dusty old tools that you find at so many art weeks venues. These are from Castlake Farm
Venue 90
Hannah Bishop's installation about the shops vs. the architecture of Brighton city centre at Castlake Farm (please note dear Waterstones colleagues that this drawing features us)
Venue 90
(above) One of the best venue locations ever (you have to visit to see what I mean)! This wall features work from Angela Wood, Len Payne and Richard Beart.
Venue 87 (above) Harbour Studios at Porlock Weir
Venue 88(above) Never been to Porlock Weir before, but its a really beautiful place (and that was when it was raining!) Plus it is seriously worth checking out the Miller's (as in the Millers antique guides) hotel there as inside it is one of the most quirky, lavish and antique filled places I have ever been to. (above) Porlock Weir and a Christopher Jelley 'Story Walk' venue. Those of you with a smart phone head to this location (one of three) for a site specific story walk around Porlock Weir.

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