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14 September 2011

Don't be afraid! Its venue 101!

On Monday this week Carol Carey from SAW, Tim Martin from The Brewhouse, several recent arts graduates and I hung 'Transformations' at Somerset College. Running as a part of art weeks 2011, 'Transformation' features the work of eight artists/designers who have graduated from the college this year. They are; Nigel Banks (Fine Art), Marte Bless Liland (Interior Textiles & Surface Design), Rachel Davies (Fashion), Hazel Holman (Fine Art), Nichola Hunt (Interior Textiles & Surface Design), Gillian Jones (Fine Art), Sebastian King (Graphic Design) and Claire Parker (Fashion Textiles). In the words of the SAW catalogue info,

"Over the last 15 years the Arts and Design faculty at Somerset College has produced a large number of talented graduates in the fields of fashion, fine art, graphic design, textiles and surface design. 'Transformation' is an exhibition which celebrates the quality of the work produced by the graduates of 2011. The exhibition is supported by SAW's Curatorial Services, in partnership with the School of Art and Design, Somerset College."

I believe I wasn't alone in thinking that it is actually quite exciting to put together an exhibition where you have work from the different arts disciplines side by side. Whilst I'm from a Fine Art background (and still am) I definitely think that there is always a lot that artists can pick up in the way of ideas/surfaces/techniques from designers and vice versa. Of course Fine artists, Graphics/Fashion designers are all going to use these things differently, but generally and broadly speaking as visually minded people there are crossovers and similarities with much potential inspiration and idea sharing to be gained. what I am getting into saying, is why it is interesting to pick out the themes, connections, differences within this exhibition. The work was selected and curated with the graduates with that idea in mind. Please have a look and let me know what you think.

Hanging the show was a good experience and I am personally glad that I didn't have to hang the incredibly complex piece that was Marte's (first photo below). In fact all of the hanging was done by the graduates involved with Tim and Carol's assistance including the graphics done by Sebastian King. From my own experiences of graduating, years ago, any opportunities like this to hang work, receive feedback and all the skills that would fit under the heading of 'professional practice' are really helpful, I'm still learning now.

Anyway. On with the show! Its up and ready to go, all the work is for sale and there's more to see than in the photos here (I didn't want to give too much away), but expect video art, photography, collage, fantastic felted body parts and more....

Please check it out!

And whilst you do, you can also go visit my exhibition over in the Conference Centre (to the left behind the art block) at the same time!

Marte Bless Liland (Interior textiles and surface design)
Hazel Holman (Fine Art)

Nigel Banks (Fine Art)

Rachel Davies (Fashion)

'Transformation' is in the Art weeks catalogue: Venue 101

Please click on the following link for opening times and further information:

Also at Somerset College: Natalie Parsley 'Tool Tales' Venue 100

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