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18 September 2011

I remember when I found out about Chymistry...

Phew-ey! I'm writing this to you the evening after the night before. And what a night it was! Yesterday afternoon saw the opening of the Crescent Contemporary's latest exhibition titled 'Chymistry'. I never liked Chemistry at school, preferring the other sciences Physics and Biology as they were the ones that seemed to me could be most easily applied to everyday life. When was I ever going to need the equation for rust or sulphurous acid as it decomposes? I'm much more interested in the effects of rust than knowing how chemically the process occurs. Although a strange thing happens to science when you start studying art and all of a sudden what are sometimes more scientific practices such as mixing, experimenting, rationalising, testing and so forth become quite similar to what a lot of artists do.
With, that in mind take a look around this exhibition that features ten contemporary artists of local talent as well as a few artists from further a field meant that overall there was a lot of diversity and good quality of work on offer. This is the second exhibition I've been to now since the gallery first opened about a year ago and both times I've been surprised at how much art it actually manages to pack in without being overcrowded. So, this time we had (what was a particular favourite of mine), Sam Hall who creates ceramics with interesting surfaces/painting on them, that without being able to show you a picture can only really be best described as being like a Tapies, graffiti on the form of a ceramic vessel. They're worth seeing. The exhibition also brings together; Cedric Christie's witty dictionary pieces, Chinks Grylls' light/glass sculptures, Faye Dennis' coiled ceramic pot and sculpture, Gordon Faulds' mixed media paintings/drawings, as well as painting from Elizabeth Earley and Nick Gray and more...(I'm not going to give it all away!)
A gem of a show, with lots of different components that come together in a fizzing concoction of surfaces, textures, colours and ideas. Chymistry has never been so appealing!

Check it out, at SAW catalogue venue number 98 or for more info click below:

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