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26 August 2010

Sue Luxton's studio!

I have asked artists participating in this years Open Studios event for Somerset Art Weeks to send me an image of their studio and how they are preparing for the weeks ahead commencing on the 18th September.

Here's Sue Luxton in her studio at Stoke St Gregory.

Here's what Sue said about how she is preparing for this years art weeks,
"Like everyone else, I guess, who is opening their studio this September I am still fiddling with paintings and cutting mounts ...... at the back of my mind I am debating whether or not to clear up the reality of the the mess...A couple of weeks ago I made a quick drawing of how I imagined I looked.....amongst the mess....possibly my favourite place....Still not decided how much will be cleared away....please come and visit 'the mess' , see some paintings too and find out how much my usual 'tidy-itis' has succumbed to the pressures of Art Weeks !!"
You can visit Sue Luxton and see her paintings during this Somerset Art Weeks, she is Venue 15 in the SAW catalogue. Or click on the link below:

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