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30 August 2010

Looks like Chaplin

Brrrrr.....Despite the cold there was a pretty good turn out of people who came to see the screening of, the Charlie Chaplin film, 'Modern Times' at The Brewhouse this weekend. In fact it was the first of three bank holiday weekend silent films to be projected on the outside wall of the theatre in the space which is formally known as 'somerset square'.

I cannot quite begin to describe how both strange and wonderful at the same time this experience was. Prior to this I had never seen a Chaplin film in its entirety before yet alone watched a film outside in the middle of what is normally a public space that myself and many others tend to pass by everyday. So it was definitely strange seeing so many people 'still' in this normally busy space as well as getting used to the initial novelty of watching a film on an outside wall. However, this is also what made it so wonderful and a real treat for people to have this sort of opportunity in the centre of Taunton. Admittedly, it was also freezing and I think I should have prepared myself with my layers before setting out to see this as come the last thirty minutes I was less interested in the end of the film as I wanted to escape to someplace warm. Everyone else watching had the right idea in taking coats and blankets etc as well as bringing their own food. It was great to see so many people turning up for this experience and really added to the atmosphere that silent films need, in providing laughter at pivotal moments in the film.

As far as the film itself goes, I enjoyed that too as I never really appreciated or knew how funny Chaplin was. The jokes are simple, slapstick and pretty predictable but that's what makes them so timeless, funny and genius at the same time. I left at 10.30 when the film ended cold but incredibly pleased and delighted to have seen and experienced this event. Those who I spoke to also had a really good time. I hope this is the first of many more outdoor screenings down at our local Brew.

If you went to any of these screenings or if you fancy checking out the final screening tonight of 'Metropolis' at 8.30 then get your bum down to the Brewhouse, Taunton NOW!

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