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27 August 2010

Jane's studio with mirrors

I have asked artists participating in this years Open Studios event for Somerset Art Weeks to send me an image of their studio and how they are preparing for the weeks ahead commencing on the 18th September.

Here's another! This is print maker Jane Mowat's studio at Hurstone studios, Watterow.

"At the moment the walls are fairly bare as I'm trying to decide what to put up. It'll be a mixture of framed prints , woodblocks and carvings (and a mirror or two), and I'm excited as this is a new studio for me, much larger and lighter than the old one - but still at Hurstone of course." -Jane Mowat
Jane Mowat's studio along with the other artists who have studios at Hurstone can be found at venue 25 during this years Somerset Art Weeks. See link below for further details:

1 comment:

  1. Hi Natalie,
    This is a very good idea, and very interesting, love to see the artists' working environment, obviously it tells you lots about their work. Will keep watching this space.