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26 August 2010

In the countdown to Art Weeks 2010...

Phew! Like so many of the artists involved in this years art weeks I have been really busy having just finished my residency at Somerset College I have now begun my internship with SAW. Currently, I am helping organise the exhibitions, 'Small Wonders' at the Air Gallery and 'Spotlight' at the Illminster Art Centre which feature together between twenty and thirty artists. So, its all hands on deck to make sure I still have enough time to prepare my work ready for the show I'm exhibiting in called, 'Out of Context' at the Tithe barn in Cotley!

As some of you may already know, my work has predominately, for the last three years, focused around tools as my subject matter. Naturally, I was therefore quite excited about the prospect of exhibiting on a farm where my 'larger than life' cutouts of different tools would look quite at home. I think it is quite ironic actually because the exhibition is called, 'Out of Context', however my work will probably appear to be more in context with its surroundings than it ever has before in a white walled gallery setting. However, we shall wait and see.

Whilst I have been continuing my research on this subject matter I have read and found lots of interesting and exciting things but had only very recently discovered the 'Second hand tools' antique shop in Beer and 'The Tool Box' in Colyton, Devon. These are two shops (as you can see in the photos below) that are absolutely choc full of old and in some cases antique tools! I can not begin to tell you how wonderful these places were to visit. As a result there are lots of new shapes, and ideas that have started to formulate in my mind. I picked up lots of useful books and documents whilst I was there too. I would really recommend it as a fascinating place to visit (even if your'e not as into tools as me!).

Some of my tool cutouts ready to be painted for the exhibition 'Out of Context' during Somerset Art Weeks.

Tools glorious tools! 'Research' at 'Second hand tools' in Beer

(above and below) More tools from 'The Tool Box' in Colyton, Devon.

The result of these visits met with my current busy state of preparing for all the events happening in the art weeks has made me curious to see how other artists are preparing in the run up to art weeks. Is anyone clearing their studio? Still making work? Planning any activities and private views? Let me know how you are preparing for the fourth coming weeks.
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