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26 August 2010

Leo Davey's studio

I have asked artists participating in this years Open Studios event for Somerset Art Weeks to send me an image of their studio and how they are preparing for the weeks ahead commencing on the 18th September.

This is the first of those responses from Minehead based artist, Leo Davey.

In response to how Leo is preparing for art weeks he said:
"As far as preparing for "Art Weeks" goes - I'm streaming lining the downstairs of 16 West Street, getting rid of un-necessary furniture and clutter and emptying all walls of pictures ready to hang this years efforts. My new Bakelite Museum paintings, railway posters, long pine pictures,landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and my food from above images are all framed, stacked and waiting. All but a handful of paintings are finished and should all be in frames real soon. Then it'll be all about hanging and promoting the show."
Visit the below link for more about Leo Davey in this years Art weeks: Venue 195 in the catalogue

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