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13 March 2011

Writings on the wall

I was thinking...After reviewing the '1000 journals project' book, that some of the images in that book reminded me of the graffiti wall that people created/added to during the 'Exhibition of the teenager' at the Brewhouse last month. The wall acted like a huge sketchbook that anyone could look at or add to, which resulted in a mixture of doodles, song lyrics, political rantings and a whole bunch of random chatter! All, of which is not unlike the '1000 journals project'.

Below are three images taken from the wall:

For the rest of the images of the madness, that is 'The Exhibition of the teenager' wall please visit their facebook page on the link below:

The local artist, Scott Walker who set up workshops for this graffiti wall also creates graffiti/doodle walls, murals and more... Scott has worked on projects with Spaeda in the past and uses 'Posca pens' (which are more like painting, but with a pen) to create his community based work like seen here. Check out his website below for more:

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