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30 March 2011

On the eve of the super moon, sees the launch of The Crescent Contemporary

Not last Saturday, but the Saturday before (the 19th to be precise!) saw the launch of the Crescent Contemporary in Taunton. 'Good stuff', I find myself thinking as this was yet more proof that there is ever increasing amounts of contemporary art to be found on my doorstep. So, for those of us who weren't spending the evening of the 19th howling at the moon or watching England vs Ireland in the rugby we were at number 19, The Crescent, Taunton drinking wine, celebrating, chatting and doing whatever else you normally do at private views (as well as looking at the art of course)! I am amazed at the quick turn around of this space, that my friend Liz Earley has moved into and transformed into a gallery in such a short amount of time. After all, setting up a gallery isn't just about painting a few walls white, there's the website and all the business sides of things to juggle with as well. Its exciting to have another contemporary art space in Taunton, after the week before having gone to the Recessionists opening at the Pear Tree Gallery, put this together with Somerset College, The Brewhouse, Ginger Fig, Quartz festival etc etc and you begin to have quite a healthy variety of venues to exhibit work in Taunton (mainly focusing on Taunton particularly because I live here). The first exhibition and one currently still on at the Crescent Contemporary features mixed media paintings and drawings by Gordon Faulds (please see images below). What I particularly liked was the way that the some of the original objects (which Gordon's drawings are made from) were in the window on display in the exhibition. Being able to recognise and relate the drawings to the original artefacts was a fun addition to looking at the work. Personally, after my recent exploits into looking through Taunton Museum's tool collections (more to be revealed about this soon) I can relate to both the appeal and style Gordon uses in taking objects and drawing them, making them look aged and creating layers. Whilst our work is different in style there are similarities in subject matter which is always exciting to see any artist who enjoys taking banal objects and re-presenting them in their work. Whilst we unfortunatley lost the rugby that evening, I did have a really good time looking at Gordon's work, seeing the new space and meeting the usual, but charming suspects. Great to see you if you were there that evening and I look forward to many more exhibitions at the Crescent Contemporary -just don't go when there's a full moon....
(above) 'Duppy Ducky' 2011 -Mixed media on paper on board 44.5cm x 57cm

(above) Portmanteau 2009-10 - Mixed media on paper on board. 85cm x 122cm

For forthcoming exhibitions and to find out more info about the gallery, opening times etc. click on the following link:

For more images of Gordon Faulds work click on his website below: