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30 March 2011

....and in other news...

So...just because your artworks in the garage doesn't necessarily mean you can't have some fun with it... At Parsley headquarters we recently had a clear out in the garage, as you do, and with the house bursting with my creations already it seemed like a good idea to put the left overs in the garage. To be honest, in many ways my work could probably never be more at home in this context. A painted fork alongside the garden sheers, a fishing net, the lawnmower, a cut out hybrid of a hammer mixed with what could be a radiator key are just a few of the surreal delights that now make having to take out the rubbish or find the garden tools all the more fun (if not confusing!). That's all. I promised I would post these images for my family who were very pleased with their cleaning up efforts and hanging the work, and I'm really chuffed to, so here we are. So, I figured whilst I still like white walled gallery spaces, for now, if some of my work is going to be in storage then it might as well be in 'style' (ha ha, well sort of)!

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