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30 March 2011

White space - Nick Gray

Very retrospectively I couldn't pass by on the opportunity to mention that Wednesday the 16th March saw the private view of an all new exhibition of Nick Gray's work at the 'White space' gallery within Somerset College art block. Hmmm, should have mentioned it nearer the time methinks, but life and love and laughing intervened so you're hearing about it now -better late than never so please don't complain! Anyway, the show! Great. Firstly though, no one does a private view like Scat does Private views, you just have to go to one to know what I mean, so before you even get around to seeing the work there's the festivities that need to be addressed. And appropriately for Nick's work, perhaps festivities and joy is a good place and a good context to start off from, after all there is something inherently joyful about the colours and moods that arise from his work.

I remember seeing Nick Gray's first show at Scat back in, um...2006, I think when I had just started my first year on the FDA in Fine Art also at Scat. Whilst the new work is still distinctly Nick Gray; the very meticulous, busy coloured and layered lines and colours remain the same; I think the new work is more colourful, there's less white now and if I had to articulate it merely in words and in terms of form, I'd say these new works are less about line and more about colour (as is my view). In my own opinion, I have always felt that they [Nick's paintings] have been about space. The space within all the abstract shapes and forms created within the painting, the space that colour creates within the space of the painting and gallery and the space that these seemingly busy up close, yet peaceful from a distance paintings create between you the viewer and the physical painting itself. If that makes sense? It would be worth having a look yourself to see what you think?

So five years on from that first time I saw Nick's work and its inspiring to see yet even more new work that has been met with the same energy in its display and execution as before. In terms of my own practice and thinking around the arts, a lot, a lot, a lot has changed in those five years and its a real pleasure to see new work and who'd have ever thought write a blog about it. Here's to another five years when I hope to see yet more new work again.

The exhibition of paintings and lots of brilliant fun drawings is on display and to buy until the 1st of April, every week day from 9-5pm. Check it out!

(above) 'The beach' -oil on canvas

(above) 'Autumn' -oil on canvas

For more images of Nick's work and more please check out the following link:

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