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11 July 2010

Auction House Exhibition!

What a week! So, from last Sunday up until Friday I have been helping to hang a show at the Auction House on Canal Street in Taunton. As I mentioned in a previous post the exhibition features 17 artists from the 'emerging art group' SEAN (one of whom is me, hence my involvement) and has over 105 pieces of work that have been painstakingly hung over the last week. There really is so much to talk about during this week with the hanging and opening of the show but I'd like to give a mention to Bath Place Arts Festival which opened on Thursday (stay tuned for a future post on this event) as well.

Andrea Rowbotham's paintings

Liz Fathers's installation

Paintings from Elizabeth Earley

The 'flags of hope' donated from North Devon arts week used to make the Auction House 'stand out'
The tower of cows that we all painted to vacate into the parking lot outside the auction house. Irony intended as it used to be the cattle market.

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