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17 July 2010

Popping in the pop up shop!

It definitely has to be said that artists are amongst the most enterprising and innovative people in society (in my opinion at least). However, I think you'd agree that at the very least artists attempt to find new and inventive ways to make that extra bit of money to help fund their work or future exhibitions/events. Often these enterprises are creative and can take the form of selling cards, prints or auctioning off smaller pieces of work (usually not a 6 by 8ft cow!) that are more affordable for the general public. So everyone is a winner, you and I can take home a piece of the artists work at a reasonable price and the artist makes a small profit whilst knowing that their postcard, magnet or key chain is also promoting their work at the same time.
I sometimes feel slightly adverse to this sort of consumerism and think that sometimes, of course it can be a little bit tacky and kitsch. Although, if it all goes towards a greater good of supporting a particular artist or group then I don't see that as anything but sincere. So, I was really delighted to support two artists from my peer group at College, Martin Joiner and Felix Stochaj with their 'Pop up' shop of hand printed and designed t-shirts and bags. Felix Stochaj has taken the 'Stub Footed Pigeon' brand from previous art fund raising events and DJ sets at the Perfect Fifth in Taunton and embellished it onto bags and shirts and fellow artist, Martin Joiner has designed some new images for shirts as well (see image below). Keep your eyes peeled for them at Alma Street in Taunton this weekend or out and about the town with their trolley of wares. An inspiring idea and testament that artists really are enterprising (as if you needed convincing!). Good stuff!
Close up of the hand printed shirts by Martin Joiner and Felix Stochaj for sale in their 'Pop up shop'
Martin Joiner displaying his wares

Check out the 'Pop up' Shop at Alma Street, Taunton 11.00-4.00 this weekend and buy lovely bags like this one!

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