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29 July 2010

The SAW Open Studio Catalogues are here!

Behold, the beautiful cover to the Open Studios Event catalogue! Available in all good libraries, information centres, art galleries and more...

Exciting stuff! I picked up the SAW catalogue today at the Auction House and have preceded in highlighting all the places I'd like to go visit this year. From an 'emerging' artist point of view this year is particularly exciting as it is the first year I have taken part in art weeks and also because I recognise and/or know a lot of the artists in it too. Both of which make it a lot more relevant for me and so I'll be looking to visit and talk to as many of you involved as possible. On the other hand if you're not an artist and you're someone that enjoys to look around the venues and talk to artists it would be great to hear your experiences as well.

Here's to what looks like what will be a diverse, interesting and incredibly busy two weeks!

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