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26 July 2010


Yesterday evening I went to the Brewhouse, where (unfortunately I had missed the Westival) I saw the video of the 'Way of the goat' in the gallery. Being a capricious Capricorn myself I liked the idea of people trying to mimic the climbing methods and habits of goats in this piece and think it would have been a good opportunity to have seen the workshop they did for this earlier this month. However seeing the video was still fun and left me thinking that it would be interesting to see some of the 'goat impersonations' of the people in the video (set in Devon and Snowdonia) in a different context of the urban environment as apposed to the goats natural one.
Needless to say this film really got my goat (in a good way) and is worth a look if you get a chance to see it at the Brewhouse until August 7th.

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