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24 July 2011

When Homecoming finally came!

Hello! Apologies, it has been a while. However, the good news is that there's lots to write about because so much has happened! Whilst all the schools and colleges have wrapped up for the summer holidays it is just about hitting my really busy couple of months where I am making frames and organising things in the run up to art weeks. That and a looming essay due in August for my Masters, plus the usual whole bunch of living to do in between makes for a pretty busy time.

One of the first exciting art events I recently went to being: 'Homecoming' held for one night only at The Regal Theatre in Minehead, a couple of Wednesdays ago. The 13th of July to be precise!

This event was planned, organised, curated by the mastermind that is Hannah Bishop and featured local talents from painting, sculpture, graphic design, photography, live performances, musicians, dance and more. I wasn't really sure what to expect, I'd never been to The Regal before and I was looking forward to being able to explore it and discover art on the walls and backstage. It certainly lived up to that expectation, and I was reminded of a similar experience I'd had some months before at The Brewhouse for their visual arts event called 'Innaspace' in which you also went around with a map backstage and around the theatre discovering art along the way.

Although, personally, I wasn't keen on some of the 'less is more' kind of music that went on this evening, both myself and my friend did have a good time and like I said I really enjoyed the diversity of talent on offer and exploring the theatre. The organising, which included a really quirky and cool programme, blog and brilliant poster and if you like 'marketing' of the event were really excellent in building up an awareness and hype surrounding this show which meant for a busy and lively showing with a large audience of people. If I had been a performer/artist involved in this show I would have been very proud to put it on my CV.

Lets hope we have more multi-disciplinary events like this in other 'creepy', unusual locations and I look forward to seeing what Homecoming will feature when Hannah, re-opens it with some of the work for art weeks this September.

Joseph Buckler and the band on the stage at The Regal

'I' the audience somewhere in the bar area

Stay tuned for more this art weeks where, 'Homecoming' the exhibition takes place: see venue 84 or click on the link below:

*Thank you to Hannah Bishop who gave permisssion to use her photos*

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