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30 July 2011

I love it! What is it?

Sometimes I think a blog should be observational, a bit like a sketch book of images that records places you've been, things you've seen and stuff that inspires you. On that note: I don't know exactly what this is/was (I'm guessing it was a lamp post) but I really think it looks cool. Every time I arrive off the train at Bristol Temple Meads I see this thing across the road all on its own and completely out of place. One day I just had to take photos of its flaky, crumbling painted surface and note the colours and forms/shapes you see in the photos below. In the same way that peeling paint on old wooden doors, torn posters, graffiti and other similar looking surfaces have great appeal artists and some people alike this lamp post, whatever it is, aesthetically appeals to me.
(above) Brilliantly out of place, the 'interesting' lamp post outside Bristol Temple Meads
(below) Close up of the surface, which reminds me of something almost Aztec in its shapes/lines.

Well, its that simple really. This blog wasn't always going to be reviews and details of exhibitions and events. Like art itself, if sometimes the only thing I can do is draw your attention into looking at something slightly differently or with 'new eyes' then that's not a bad thing. Look out for this next time you might happen to pass the train station at Bristol.

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