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24 July 2011

Guess where I've been....

On Thursday this week I finally got round to visiting MERL a.k.a The Museum of English Rural Life in Reading. Glorious! So, just for your enjoyment here are a couple of snaps just to give you an idea of what it was like and prove that I was there.
For those of you that may have no idea why you're looking at a bunch of tools, firstly you shouldn't be too surprised, as after all you are on a blog titled SAW but for quite different reasons if you are reading this blog for the first time then, yes, you are in the right place for arty happenings, exhibition viewings, general art banter and whatnots it just so happens that right now you're reading a post about my own personal research interest, which is also, rather conveniently, tools.
So, thanks to SAW I am using my 'Professional development bursary' to go visit places like this and take lots of photos/sketches and feast my eyes on all the tools that I can use as a source for creating work.

(above) Come in, come in! Here we are at the museum entrance! Well, you obviously can't see me here because I'm the one taking the photo, but you get the idea...
(above) Shears! But note the way they are displayed, hrrmm...interesting

(above) Crafts of all kinds. Behold some basket making tools, and again I think what appeals to me the most is the 'collection' and the way they're displayed. I love the way all the different shapes are arranged. Brilliant stuff!

Well, thank you for taking a moment to read into some of the research I've been doing. More to follow soon as I plan to make a long over due trip to Pitt Rivers in Oxford.

I'll tell you even more about what I've been doing with all of this as well very soon or please click on the link to my project below:

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