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6 December 2010

Think outside the box!

This is the box.
So here's the box and we're inviting artists to submit their ideas for their creative projects that show 'outside of the box thinking'. So think, on the box, around the box, on top of the box, to the side of the box, underneath, next to, in front or behind the box, anywhere but in the box. Not that inside the box is such a bad place to be, if you're Rachel Whiteread for example, inside the box might be exactly where you want to be and that's fine. 'Out of the box' way of thinking is what artists often do anyway, and challenges the norm, surprises/shocks, thinks laterally and more.
We've established that most of the time artists are thinking outside of the box, coming up with innovative, imaginative and unconventional ideas. For art weeks 2011 (yes, we start planning them even now!) SAW are encouraging and supporting local artists to submit ideas for creative projects that may involve the community, be installation or performance based, be in unusual settings, have a different collaboration of artists working together etc. The list is endless and of course there is still the opportunity to take part in art weeks as normal with group shows and exhibitions.
So why not take up the challenge and see if you can think outside the box?
Please read the following information about this idea from the SAW web page:
Somerset Art Weeks 2011 will focus on group exhibitions, projects and events, and will be a celebration of the creative abilities of artists and their eagerness to expand their horizons and think "outside the box".The major difference for the 2011 event is that each entry will require at least four artists/makers to exhibit in one venue. We also encourage community groups, schools and non-profit making groups/organisations to take part. We welcome individuals and organisations who present a diverse range of media from pottery, painting and watercolour to new technology, installation and live arts.
Think Outside the Box...Somerset Art Weeks 2011 provides an opportunity for artists/makers to promote their work beyond the ‘Open Studio’ format. The event encourages SAW members to invite other artists from outside Somerset to create and showcase work, or show their own work in public places. These places will include village halls, skittle alleys, shop windows, public sites etc. Reduce rate is available for non-selling exhibition/project, such as site-specific installations, new media and interventions.
Somerset Art Weeks 2011 is an opportunity to showcase the Visual Arts in Somerset, whether it be four artists displaying work on a joint theme or project, or workshops and events: ‘Art is for Everyone’ will be the strap line.
If you would like to discuss with us about your project or seeking artists/venue, please contact Zoe Li, Art Weeks Coordinator on
For more information on art weeks 2011 and how to apply please click on this lovely link below:

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