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31 December 2010

See SAW next year!

September: "I declare this bridge, open!" (the mayor, not me) Bridge opening ceremony over to Long run Meadows in Taunton with wishing bridge and more...

What would New Year's eve, nay, Christmas even, be without a review of the year! So far the delights of Christmas TV have brought us a top 10 or top 100 of just about everything from music and toys to TV adverts and those 'embarrassing' celebrity moments. Now with pleasure and without further ado, I bring you the unofficial SAW review of the year 2010!!!
And what a year its been!

Ok, we started the year (on a personal note) with I suppose what was my first real introduction to working with SAW through a public art project, called 'Routes, river, rail' working with local artist, Sue Palmer. This was a really exciting project and allowed us as artists to collect ideas from the community around some of the plans involved in the re-development of Taunton. This is really just a review, but elements of this study we hope will carry on into 2011. Please see following link to my blog about the project for further information:
Later in July we had Fiona Campbell working on the 'Making Matters' project at Carrymoor featuring wire sculptures in the natural environment. In fact more recently there has been the 'Making Matters' Great Crane Project working with schools and local artists in West Sedgemoor, elements of this project which I believe are continuing on into 2011.
In the summer of 2010 via a networking evening hosted by SAW a new group of artists 'emerged' on the scene. Thus SEAN, or Somerset emerging artists network was born. Starring all your favourite protagonists, the art group, SEAN, started as they hope to continue with an exhibition at the Auction House in Taunton, Somerset. Featuring pretty much a consensus of current or past Somerset College, Fine Art graduates (what can I say? I'm bias) as well as several emerging artists from the South West the show was a diverse collection of contemporary work and styles.
The summer time was certainly not a quiet one and the 'Safe routes' project with SPAEDA and SAW took place with lead artist Julie Roberts working with students at Taunton Academy.
In September all the planning and preparation had finally paid off and Somerset Art Weeks 2010 was launched! This year being an open studios event and was choc full of artistic talent! We had pottery, jewellery, art books, installation, painting, textiles, photography and more! The recession certainly hadn't dampened the enthusiasm and verve of work on offer this year, in fact it meant artists could utilise their studio spaces inviting new dialogue with their visitors and in some cases find unusual venues that were free, like the Tithe barn in Cotley that myself and three other artists were given to use this year. There were loads of special events that took place making this year's art weeks very busy and exciting and probably cannot be done justice in so few words. One particular event of note however was that Art weeks also saw 2010 Reveal award winner, Kitty Hillier have her show of new work at Black Swan arts in Frome. Stay tuned for info of the next year's upcoming art weeks...
When we had time to rest on our laurel's the SEAN artists decided it would be fun to take part in the 'Bridge Opening Ceremony' at Longrun Meadows in Taunton. The ceremony was organised by local musician, Tim Hill and saw The Albion Horns, a troll and many more characters gather at the new bridge to open it in style!
We 'found our way' in October with an artist networking and pecha kucha session at Barrington Court and then by the end of October and November we were protesting against the cuts to arts funding in Somerset.

Phew! And that really isn't probably the half of it! There are plenty of projects taken up by individuals and groups of artists within SAW that took place in 2010. Musgrove Park Hospital, The Octagon, SPAEDA, Take art, Air Gallery, Ilminster Arts centre and honestly so many many more groups and places in which fantastic art projects were made possible in 2010! Then, just when everyone thought they could relax the work for 2011 and art weeks had began!
Thank you very much for reading, I wish you all an arty and prosperous New Year! I have no doubt that there will be plenty more adventures so please as always, keep me posted!

September: Somerset Art weeks Open Studios

November: Save the arts demonstration

July: Somerset emerging artists network exhibition at the Auction House, Taunton

January-March: SAW funded 'Routes, river, rail' project for Taunton Deane

July-September: Making matters project at Carrymoor with artist Fiona Campbell

September: Reveal artist, Kitty Hillier exhibits new work at Black Swan arts

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