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2 December 2010

Art book of the month: November

In 2009 the contemporary art exhibition called ‘Triparks’ succeeded in offering an alternative way of perceiving the landscape of three National Parks and the people who live there. In the book of the same name new and returning viewers can be inspired by the work created from six artists working across three National Parks; Dartmoor, Exmoor and Northumberland.

Triparks’ saw six artists take up a residency in one of the three parks in which they researched and produced work in response to their experiences in the landscape. The work created as a result was diverse in style and thought provoking. In particular, the Exmoor artists who were hosted by project partners Somerset Art Works included, Harald Smykla’s maps of Exmoor which feature hand written annotations, references to poetry, drawings, marks and stains and Karen Guthrie's 'National dress' for Exmoor which was inspired by, designed and in-turn worn by local people creates a real sense of place and both make visually engaging works of art.

Overall the book, ‘Triparks’ acts a bit like an exhibition catalogue in the way the work of each of the six artists is documented through both colour images and a brief but pertinent written explanation by the artists themselves. With links to the artists' websites it is useful in providing an invitation for further enquiry. A good record of what was a fantastic exhibition that inspires its audience to rediscover England's National Parks.

Price: £14.99
ISBN: 978-0-9566114-0-6
Author: Aune Head Arts
Hardback: 37 pages
Available from:

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