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20 September 2012

Watch'et Princess Anne, some of us are trying to look at art down here! -Art Weeks visits day four

Phew! Beginning to run out of steam... Now on day four of our Art Weeks visits, the work is still great but even I'm beginning to get 'arted' out and tired from navigating. As a result whilst today may have been a more subdued one we still saw seven venues and two Art galleries. Four venues in the the lovely seaside town of Watchet another in Minehead and two on the way in on the Minehead road coming from Taunton. All details, of which can be read below and in the order that we visited them (if that sort of thing helps you). Always love heading to West Somerset area as its one I am more familiar with and it was one of my favourite areas for Art Weeks last year so I was looking forward to today with great anticipation.
It did not disappoint but you'll probably figure that out from what I have to say below. Enjoy!
Another Art Weeks MUST GO SEE that was on my original Art Weeks 2012 list of venues I'd like to visit. Lucy's paper constructions and wire birds in cigar boxes are brilliant as they are different and Rachel's drawings (pictured above) are delicate and interesting. I like the layering of images. Great stuff!

One of the sweetest studios I've seen so far, the one in this photo is Geraldine Hollweg's where she makes jewellery and silver work. Tall people beware, as even I at a mere 5ft 2" had to duck to get into this studio space which was part of the charm of it really (and it opens up once you're inside so don't go worrying!).

Watchet! A day in itself nearly with four Art Weeks venues and two galleries to see. If you park your car in one of the car parks, head to the nearest Art Weeks venue, pick up a Watchet map while you're there and then set out to find the others on foot you'll find it a lot easier and enjoyable. Apparently Princess Anne was there (we liked to think it was to visit Art Weeks, but apparently that was not the case) whilst we were not that we were interested mind you, it just meant that it was busier than we expected. It added to a good atmosphere anyway.
VENUE 106 – NEVILLE COX (image below)
ALSO VISIT: LYNDA COTTON GALLERY – Currently exhibiting Angus Stirling and Kitty Stirling
Our Watchet tour started off to a great start with a viewing of Neville Cox's paintings and studio. This artist knows his colours! Bold and very vibrant it was great to start the Watchet trip with these paintings. You could almost say it 'set the tone' ho ho!
VENUE 104 – JENNY BARRON (image below)
An old (don't take it personally) Art Weeks favourite of mine, if you want to see some great painting that's brilliantly executed and in some cases, featuring surreal and imaginative imagery then pay a visit to Jenny's studio. I've always loved Jenny's use of tools and everyday objects in her work, so naturally this was always going to be a venue I had to visit.
 ALSO VISIT: Gallery 41 studios - Currently exhibiting the work of Giuliana Lazzerini & Maggie King, its right next to venue 105. A fantastic new modern looking gallery space that I look forward to seeing what future exhibitions they will show.

An example of one of Sue Lowe's collagraph prints at  the Gallery 41 Studios. Richly textured and earthy coloured, for me Sue's collagraphs achieve a sense of the landscape and sea-scapes they are trying to represent. It was great to see Sue's work in person so I could inspect the layers and colours in her work more closely. Next door also in a studio space at Gallery 41 is Angela Holland's printmaking of lettering arranged into different quotations. Both print makers are well worth a look.
Great location able to see the sea. Nice animal watercolours of vibrant cockerels and horses by Emma Bradshaw as jewelery and silverwork from Caroline Lytton.
  VENUE 111 – LEO DAVEY (image below)
After not managing to make it to Leo Davey's studio during the last three Art Weeks, I'm glad I finally got to see it today! A very small but perfectly formed studio space/gallery. There's some great work in here from local Somerset scenes to food and feasts.

VENUE 122 – PETER MESSA (image below)
One of the many venues I didn't get to today, but it was definitely on my list. Peter Messa's 'OutofOrder Gallery' at venue 122. Thank you Peter for sending me this photo!
Then there were the many that we didn’t manage to get to this time in the West Somerset area, for full details of each of these venues click on:
There will be more Art Weeks ventures tomorrow or Saturday....

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