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16 September 2012

Hanging by thread

Somerset Art Weeks 2012 is here! I'll be out visiting venues this week so please stay tuned...
In the mean time this week features a special mention and preview of the graduate artists taking part in a specially curated exhibition at Somerset College thanks to support from Reveal, Somerset Art Works and The Brewhouse. The exhibition titled, 'Thread' features the work of six Art graduates, Barbara White, Jemma Schultz, Gillian Widden, G Richmond, Leah Hislop and Liam Goodwin (who also provided the design and photography for the show).
The exhibition is on everyday except weekends throughout Art Weeks and please join and meet the artists for a private view at Somerset College, White Space Gallery on Wednesday 19th September, 04.30pm - 05.30pm. 

The following text is taken from the forthcoming 'Thread' exhibition catalogue:
"Fine cord of fibrous material such as cotton or flax, made of two or more filaments twisted together and used in needlework and the weaving of cloth."
This is the literal meaning of the word. But to some people the word 'thread' means a great deal more. From the threads that tie you to your friends and family to the much more literal threads in nature. The word thread can and does have many different meanings to many different people.

Design and photography courtesy of Liam Goodwin.
For more details of this exhibition click on the link below:

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