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28 August 2011

Parsley's most wanted list for 2011:

After having a look at the Somerset Art Weeks catalogue over the last month I've picked out lots that I'd like to go out and see and the following is a selection of some of the venues that appealed to me. I'm not sure exactly what people look for when choosing what art week venues to visit, do you use the catalogue to decide? Or do you just hop in the car and drive down Somerset's country roads in search of yellow signs? Myself, I tend to visit venues where my friends are exhibiting (naturally, of course I would) or I am drawn in to finding new art work based on how interested or intrigued I am by the image in the catalogue. There are plenty of other ways people decide, based on location, what's happening near and around where you live, or by art practice. Anyway, whatever the reason you always end up finding new things along the way. So get out there and enjoy art weeks this September 17th til October 2nd. Without further ado here's my picks of 2011... In no particular order!

Click on the link below each venue which will provide further details of each venues location/opening times/contact details and more:

Four mediums-Many creatures: Venue 35

Metal work, painting, prints, drawing, photography and sculpture from four artists: Michelle McCullagh, Deborah Burt, Emma Harris and Amy Goodman.
Transient Threads: Venue 17
New work by Laura Rouse, Jenni Dutton, Ingrid Helsing and Esme May in the fantastic Tithe barn in Cotley. Had our show here last year, its a brilliant building. Look forward to seeing how its used this year.

Painting and animation: Venue 58

Paintings from Kate Noble and animations from loads of artists!

Sheds: Venue 102

Coming to you from Hemyock (Blackdown Hills artists and makers) a.k.a BHaam! explore, er... Sheds. Expect curiosities and discoveries aplenty.

The Reading Room: Venue 65

Meet the Calvers': Meg, Michael, Julia and Harriet as they install sketchbooks, notebooks and writing in the Reading room at Wrington.

Light Scribbles, Oakland Children's Centre Yeovil: Venue 10

Photographic images of work created by children at the Oakland's children's centre. Great photo here from the catalogue, I'm very intrigued to find out more.

Operation Chameleon: Venue 1

Jon England reveals his new work in response to the restoration of a WWII Grumman Martlet by The Fleet Air Arm Museum. The exhibition also set inside the museum features site specific installation/mixed media pieces that use both imagery and meticulous processes associated with forensic archaeology and history.

Richard Beart, Val Berry, Angela Wood and Len Payne @ the Broken Barn: Venue 87

Ceramics, painting, prints, drawing and photography from the artists mentioned above.

The Lamb and Flag: Venue 104

At this venue see, paintings from Sara Dudman (above), Phil Dudman, Michael Tarr and sculpture/installation from Richard Holt.

Under a new sun: Venue 11

Wow! Loads of artists at this venue, Simon Lee Dicker, Meg Calver, Angela Charles, Michael Fairfax, Lucia Harley, Simon Hitchens, Luke Paramore and Tasha Stevens, phew! Set in the slightly weird but wonderful Lanes Hotel and Old School Room in West Coker expect contemporary film, sculpture, installation, new media and more.....

'Chymistry' at Crescent Contemporary: Venue 98

Another 'good value' visit with all your favourite artists all under one roof. Go to link below to see them all listed very neatly:

Roots at Kings College, Taunton: Venue 97

Here's my friend, Lucy Lean! Alongside fellow artists, Emma Duke, Samantha Gilbert and Trevor Salway-Roberts. Looks like it features a great mix of practices with a natural/nature kind of theme that seems to unite them together.

ECHO: Postcards from a seaside town: Venue 85

A performance/film/site specific piece set in the postcard seaside town of Minehead. I absolutely love postcards so I wonder what I will make of 'living' ones?

Harbour Studios Porlock Weir: Venue 88

I really need to get down there to Porlock, can't remember when/if I ever have been there? And with Porlock arts festival on the way I really fancy a visit, plus this image by Merlyn Chesterman is fantastic.

Related: Venue 21

Featuring work by Andrew Davey, Toni Davey, Fay Davey, Leo Davey and Rose Davey at The Ilminster Meeting House

Homecoming: Venue 84

More from Hannah Bishop and company who held the successful 'Homecoming' multidisciplinary event earlier this year.

Quorum -Contemporary paintings and sculpture: Venue 103

Sculpture from Mike West, mixed media-installation pieces from Scarlet Von Teazel and paintings from Diane Burnell and Andrea Rowbotham.

Blue II at Rook Lane Chapel: Venue 40

'A fascinating 18th Century dyers woad recipe book from Wallbridge Mill in Frome inspires a group of professional artists.' Sounds very interesting to me.

Story Walks: Venue 91

Three walks, stories and locations from Christopher Jelley (I remember you!). What could be a better art experience than being outside! A brilliant idea for a family day out.

Stoberry Park: Venue 60

For your sculpture, stone carving, glass and ceramic needs visit, Stoberry Park and see work from Sonja Klingler, Ian Marlow, Fiona Campbell (pictured), Christine-Ann Richards and Alex Relph.

And that's only the start of it! There are 20 venues listed here out of a possible 108. So there really is something for everyone.

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