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11 November 2010

Save the arts!

As it turns out quite a lot has happened and indeed is happening since I took my break away from writing the blog. Perhaps one of the most crucial being the devastating cuts that are being made to arts funding in Somerset and the rest of the country. It is therefore long overdue and worthy of a mention on this blog.

This is quite a difficult, complicated and important topic to talk about and one I may refer to for future posts on this blog. I feel its probably a both a difficult and potentially interesting, if un-nerving time to be an artist in Somerset with the current state of affairs being that Somerset County Council are going to cut the arts funding by 100% it is going to have a serious affect on many arts organisations, artists and the individuals who use, enjoy and benefit from what the arts bring to this county.

As a graduate and emerging artist (for want of a better word) in Somerset, I have used and been supported by artists and organisations who are arts funded and have learnt much from these opportunities of then which I have, in certain circumstances, been able to give back to the community through as a result of what I've learnt. I don't think I'm alone in this respect I think there are many graduates from all backgrounds (not just the arts) who may have benefited from the experiences and knowledge that the arts in Somerset offer. There's a lot more I could say, but won't for now, I just want to address the context of where I am coming from regarding the arts cuts.

I do not want to run into a political debate on this blog, but I am actually more interested in hearing how other artists are responding to the situation? How will artists adapt to survive through the cuts? Will the arts in Somerset disappear altogether (I don't personally think it will) and will it take new forms? What forms will this be?

I have my own views on these questions but would love to hear from you and feature them on a future post on this blog. Please get in touch.

(above) Image from David Shrigley's animation 'Save the Arts'
(below) Cornelia Parker's altered image of Antony Gormley's 'Angel of the North'
Please sign the petition on the link below:

And see/read about Somerset's own battle to save arts funding on the link below:

We'll try and keep you updated!

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