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11 November 2010

Finding your way...and what is a pecha kucha anyway?

The following images and comments are taken from the 'Finding your way' day event at Barrington Court on the 20th October. The day featured presentations from SCION’s curator, John Plowman and exhibiting artist Louise K Wilson.Louise K. Wilson’s artwork takes the form of installations, sound pieces, live events and videos.

This event was aimed at local artists/emerging artists and graduates and any one who is interested in the arts as a way of discussing, networking and hearing the stories and examples of how other artists have 'found their way' in the arts and their practices. Or perhaps, as the case may be, they are all still 'finding their way', whatever that means? I think as an artist you are constantly looking to find your way, in terms of finding an answer, resolution, problem solving etc. Even sometimes simply finding your way through the current lack of employment/arts market or next opportunity, I guess we're all still finding our way. Be it as individuals or as groups. Although I didn't attend this event (I was at the Liverpool biennial at the time-probably lost in a disused building/exhibition space or in a bar, but anyway..) I think it sounded useful and probably quite inspiring. It must certainly be of great help to hear of the experiences of other artists who are/have made the transition between graduating and establishing their art practice in the art world. At the event this took the form of talks from recent graduates from the University of Lincoln, Amelia Beavis-Harrison and Alan Armstrong. Presenting together they shared their experience of establishing their practices and various projects since graduation three years ago.

The Pecha Kucha part of the days events sounded particularly encouraging too. For those of you, like me wondering what a pecha kucha is then here's some info:

Pecha Kucha! - a simple Power Point presentation format where each artist show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images forward automatically and the artist talks along to the images, in this way each artist will be able to present their work for 6 minutes 40 seconds.

Ah! Ha! So its like a kind of group crit, or showcase for your work. Sounds good to me and from looking at the photos three artists I happen to know were there, Gary Dickins, Liz Fathers and Lucy Lean so I'm sure it was an interesting, dynamic part of the day!

If you would like the opportunity to share your experiences as an artist then please get in touch, or if you're a recent graduate looking for a sense of direction then please send us an email.

Anyway, enough from me here's what some of you who went to the event had to say:

“I met up with some friends, talked to others whose name I knew, but had never met and exchanged conversation and ideas with a new group of people. It was very exciting to hear that people were self-motivated, despite hard times... I was very impressed with the architecture and fittings , to say nothing of the gardens at Barrington. I would love to photograph the whole place.” – Mel Sewell

“I had a fantastic day on Wednesday. I feel strongly that sharing experiences in that kind of way is extremely valuable for artists at all stages of their careers. I thought the Pecha Kucha was a really successful vehicle for a number of artists to share the ideas behind their practice quickly and clearly. And was intrigued to see how a seemingly prescribed format can be interpreted very individually.” – Fiona Cassidy
On an end note, if you're still trying to find your way like me, you might as well enjoy the journey.

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