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13 October 2014

Bugs, Art and Poetry...

Somerset Open Studios has come to a close this year and for the final day of our 2014 events I joined the Family Friendly Weekend Poetry Pin Trail run by my partner Christopher Jelley. Poetry Pin is a year long project that began in March, and I have documented all of the workshop walks to date as the project's photographer. It has been quite an experience capturing the natural change of the seasons alongside the progress taking shape on the other side of the fence enclosing the huge site that is to house Hinkley C.

An invitation to walk at Hinkley Point may not sound like an ideal way to spend your leisure time - however the landscape here is surprisingly beautiful as the walk leads through meadowland, along ancient holloways and down to the beach at Shurton Bars where Coleridge was inspired to write his Ode to Sara. To witness the historical transformation that is currently taking shape is also one that we should never forget or take lightly, and the new poems being written in response will document the dramatic juxtaposition of nature and science within the Somerset landscape.

For the SAW Family Friendly Weekend Christopher invited Exmoor Ecologist David Boyce to lead the walk; encouraging the group to seek out the insect life en route. We had been a little concerned that being late in the year there would not be so many mini beasts about but the late Autumn sunshine ensured there was plenty of activity to watch, capture, learn about and release! We all left a little wiser about predators & non predators, mimics and hyper hyper parasites, and my favourite insect name of the day - Wolf Spider.

Before we set off Christopher handed out Limpet shells, each with a word that may prompt a poem, and once down amongst the rocks and boulders of the beach the group was encouraged to scribe with charcoal onto the stones.

The Poetry Pin Trail was one of many activities that took place during the SAW Family Friendly Weekend and SAW would love to know how your family enjoyed it's creative down time. If you have a photograph that captures this, then do send it to the SAW office and you may win your family tickets to Bristol's Noah's Ark Zoo. No photograph? Then why not draw a picture instead.

Send your entries to

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The Town Hall
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If you are inspired to walk the Poetry Pin Trail, the poems are available to read 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the next workshop walk is on Saturday 8th November at 11am 
More details can be found here

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