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20 September 2014


Choosing where to visit...
In the post before last it was the artist's ability to capture light within landscapes that drew my eye in the SAW brochure, this time it's the words. When submitting their entries for the guide each artist is restricted to using a set number; these venues stood out for the imaginative and creative stance they took.
VENUE 46 Liz Gregory & Tim Martin
The list approach: Art Birdsong Coffee Devon Edge Fields Genuine Heads Ironing Jovial Kettle Landscape Moving Narrative Otter Private Questioning Reflect Silence Tension Understanding Village Washing Xerox Yorkshire Zest
They also promise pop corn.

VENUE 144 Angie Rooke
The poetic approach: Welcome to my studio. Here I sit, throughout the year and get a wonderful view of the world - sky, shapely hills and trees to mark the year. Bare branches, then the purple hue of buds, the brightest greens through to the autumn glory. Back again to winter and staying in the studio listening the rain. Paintings from my local walks and travels to Cornwall.

VENUE 159 Chris Lee 
The humorous approach: Drawn with the tiniest nibs and the largest hands, (whilst perched on a three legged stool), my drawings are expressive and intricate views of the buildings and townscapes around us. 

Studio doors were opened Somerset wide this morning, so do go exploring our beautiful county and support the artists who contribute to making it the vibrant place that it is.

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