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24 March 2014

The Levels & Moors Bursary Opportunity

It's time to sharpen those pencils and apply for this year's Creative Pathways Bursary. OK, so technically not pencils, we do live in a digital age but if you are like me there's nothing better than scribbling down ideas with a 2B!

I mentioned at the end of my last post that there were plans afoot at the SAW office that I was asked to be part of - I can now confirm and share the news. Last year we hosted my partner Christopher Jelley's exhibition (pictured below) at our shop come gallery in Dulverton, Number Seven. Zoe Li was obviously quick to spot that we were not hosting an event this year and asked if we would support this year's bursary opportunity. I didn't hesitate and said yes straight away. It would be a new and refreshing way for us to support Somerset Art Works.

Last year's Creative Pathways paired artists with the National Gardens Scheme under the Abundance title and the result were some stunning installations in beautiful settings, pictured is Leah Hislop's colourful Labyrinth. The Abundance works were very much about the public experiencing sculptural art work that had been created in response to it's siting. This year, as the title suggests, the artists are to take their inspiration from the diverse landscape within the county - from the exposed moors with their sheltered combes in the West to the wide expanse of the Levels. Free to work within their specialist medium the finished work will represent their personal relationship to these unique Somerset landscapes.

The event is to also focus on continuing to develop a local market for artists, to offer an opportunity for artists to engage with their audience directly, encouraging visitors to appreciate, buy and collect work from Somerset artists, hence why SAW have approached retail outlets like Number Seven. Also taking part are For Every Cloud in Langport and Frome's Black Swan Arts.

If you are interested in applying the deadline for submissions is very soon, in fact this weekend, the 31st March! Interviews will be held in April and I, alongside the SAW team and the other Creative Pathway venues am looking forward to seeing the project evolve. 

More details about applying can be found here

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