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22 October 2013

The Last Walk at Westcott

This month has certainly been one of contrasts, it has been so wet and dark today that it seems quite unbelievable that only two weeks ago we were ambling in glorious sunshine in the landscape of Westcott Farm.

On the final Saturday of this year's SAW Festival Lyn Mowat had invited the public to walk at  Westcott and experience the landscape that had inspired the work exhibited at the farm. 

It would seem that many of the artists who had been involved in other venues had heard the 'buzz' about Westcott and had taken the opportunity to come and see what all the fuss was about and so in reality it evolved into another 'Artists Walk.' This time however the warmer weather was certainly more conducive to actually stopping and sketching and all ages became engrossed in capturing their take of the scenery. 

Artist Dermot Trimble (pictured above) had travelled from London especially to participate. He explained that he usually painted portraits, so sketching landscapes was a break from form and hence pushes your creative output. It was also good experience walking and working quickly. One either tends to go for a walk or go out to sketch, which usually means finding a spot and staying put for a while. And so the walk turned into a speed sketching lesson, a technique that tutors of life drawing classes often employ. We didn't try the one where you draw with your eyes closed!

Not all had come prepared to sketch, but paper and pencils were soon shared around 'loaves and fishes' style. Artist Andy Davey produced the most well used and loved pencil from his pocket, explaining the shortness of length allowed for far more freedom and expressive gestures, rather like working with a piece of charcoal. He also went on to explain that one of his teachers had insisted that his students new pencils were immediately divided into a least four for this very reason.

While some sketched , others just enjoyed being in the space, under the big sky..

It was then time to head back and a chance to view the work on show back at base. The artists were on hand to discuss their work and there was even a little buying flurry. Some went home excited and happy with their purchases. Sadly others left disappointed, as in the short time they had dithered about making a purchase others had swept in and taken the decision away from them.

All in all it was a very pleasant, productive afternoon and I hope that  there will be many more Artists Walks as part of SAW 2014.

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