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5 August 2013

What will you discover when you walk the maze of Art Week?

Open this year's SAW brochure at page 24 and there are two venues printed opposite each other that both invite you to enter into and journey through the maze - 


As part of this year's Abundance Garden Trail  artist Leah Hislop has been paired with the grounds at Aller Farmhouse near Williton. Influenced by the gardens many hidden areas which lend it a maze like quality Leah is to create her own  woven labyrinth. The work is to be installed during art week and visitors are encouraged to walk within, escape from the outside world and be lost therein. Some may seek a spiritual journey knowingly others may find it unwittingly as Labyrinths are often symbolic to the journey one makes in life to seek 'The Abundant Life.'

To learn more of Leah's progress and what motivates her creative process do visit the Abundance blog. Here you may also catch up with the other artists who are busy creating installations for this year's festival. Leah will naturally be on site at Aller during Art Week and will be more than happy to chat with you about her work, the myths and tales inspired by weaving and the meditative state that such contemplative work can occasionally bring.  

*Please note there is an admission fee of £4.00 (children free) to visit Aller Gardens which will be donated to the National Garden Schemes charities. An Abundance Pass priced at £20 is available from the SAW office. This will gain you entrance to all the particiapating gardens, 10% discount on all purchases of work at the Abundance X Exhibition, invites to special events and private views including Abundance Feast, plus entry into a prize draw.


Christopher Jelley had to wait for the daffodils in the orchard to finish flowering before he could start installing his maze for art week. After the initial plotting out and the first two cuts with the ride on mower the outline began to take shape in subtle shades of green. No doubt with all this warm weather and plentiful rain the path is in no dispute and perfectly clear for those who wish to navigate it's path. 

Inspired by the Labyrinth's ability to focus ones mind and to promote new myths and tales Christopher will be leaving his 'Teasing Tags' for each walker to ponder whilst they journey to the centre. The answer revealed can then be written on the card and hung on the apple tree which awaits at the end of your journey. Those that wish to do so are also encouraged to walk the path barefoot. 

Artist Gordon Field will also be installing his 'viewing boxes' along the route which will make you look upon the trees at Westcott farm in a different light.  

Alongside the maze the farm outbuildings will house a varied selection of work from the artists that attended the 'Westcott Walks' earlier in the year. You too are invited to join Lyn Mowat on one of these walks on Saturday 5th October at 2pm. There is no fee for this event but please do wear suitable footwear.

Christopher and Lyn have grand plans for November when the maze in the orchard will be the venue for a special 'FRIENDS of SAW' event - so do watch this space.

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