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6 April 2013

With Love to Watchet! x

*Please note that the postcard exhibition now opens on  Saturday 6th July - Entries must be received by the 1st of July.

There is a clarion call on the wind that blows from Watchet - 

"Watchet has caught three shipping containers, snatched from their global wanderings, they stand hobbled but proud on the Watchet harbour side. Soon to rise from the rust to become four artists studios and an exhibition space. These iron ladies have roamed the four corners of the Globe and have enabled safe passage to all manner of precious products. But now it is their turn to rest, to be refitted, spruced up and have good work come to them.

So we must all welcome these iron ladies into Somerset, and what better way to celebrate their convalescence than a decent prescription of art!

So sharpen those pencils, fluff those bristles and send the ladies an art postcard, draw it, sketch it, scratch it, snatch it, burn it and wax it, just go create and post it to Contains Art, The Harbour, Watchet, ready for the opening exhibition in *May. But don't just send one, send eight, send in a whole darn crate, but make them fabulous for all to see for the launch exhibition will be made of these."

Now my partner, Christopher, is part of the committee responsible for this innovative project and author of the words above, so how could we not send postcards? Contains Art have printed plain postcards designed especially for you to adorn, but if you don't come across these on your Somerset wanderings then regular plain postcards will suffice, just make sure you send them to the right address:

Contains Art
East Quay
TA23 0AH

The exhibition will run from the 4th until the 17th May, but it has been suggested that the containers would love to continue receiving postcards afterwards - all summer in fact! It's traditional to send postcards from your seaside holidays and Watchet would like to be on the receiving end this time around.

We recently spent a week in St Ives, it was so, so cold that we sought warmth huddled by the fire in The Sloop, drank beer and wrote and sketched our cards. It seemed quite apt sending them from the harbour side in St Ives to Watchet's East Quay.

We are yet to encourage our children to embellish a postcard or two - perhaps you are running out of ideas to keep the family entertained this Easter break, why not all design a postcard to send. Artistic or not, be inspired by this quote from author Kurt Vonnegut and  
"Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possibly can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something." 

And Watchet waits to see your creations...

Interested in following the progress of the Contains Art project?
Have a look at their Facebook Page. 


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