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11 December 2012

On at Taunton Library now:

Hip Hawker
Pop-up art kiosk created by Somerset artists working in collaboration with an international artist-designer team
Lisa Cheung and Sammy Delgado Escobar.
11th to 29th December 2012
Taunton Library

An international artist-design team Konvertible, Lisa Cheung (based in Granada, Spain & London) and designer Sammy Delgado Escobar (based in Madrid, Spain) arrive in Somerset this week to work with a group of 6 artists in Somerset to construct an imaginative, unique pop-up kiosk called, “Hip Hawker” which will be displayed at Taunton Library during this festival time from 11th to 29th December.

The Kiosk is to be built during an intensive two-day collaborative workshop on the 8th and 9th December at Langport.  The challenge will be to design and build an inventive, mobile, expandable kiosk, Hip Hawker, to ingeniously exhibit the range of creations collectively produced during a collaborative art project, Café Konvertible ( which took place during Somerset Arts Weeks in 2011.

The idea of the collaborative workshop is developed by Konvertible.

‘The philosophy of Konvertible is an open-workshop and a collective brainstorm where participants act as peers exchanging ideas and skills to form a working artistic team.  Konvertible projects have been sited in different locations (Madrid, Colombia, London and Bedford) involving a range of participants, each specific to each locale. Our interest is to involve people from the professional to the amateur, each with their own passion, creativity and skills to work together with ourselves and others to share knowledge, expertise and ideas.’

 Lead artist Lisa Cheung further explained the idea of their work. 

‘We choose materials that are readily available and cheap (including fabric, wood, paper and found objects) in order to produce products that are inexpensive but well-designed and unique.  We explore and combine a range of techniques: simple craft & construction, expert craft skills, and digital technologies to produce surprisingly and interesting combinations.’

The “kiosk” is a repeating theme in the Konvertible’s portfolio.  It encompasses aspects of mobility, self-sufficiency, temporality and street life. The final pop-up kiosk at the Taunton Library acts as a sculpture, a design object and a functioning display unit.

A simple DIY manual will also be available at the Kiosk for the public to take home. It includes a selection of Konvertible’s designs that aims to share their idea of ‘making’.  It is the first time Konvertible has made their designs open to public and available for anyone to make at home. 

Exhibition: 11th to 29th December, Exhibition Space, Taunton Library, Paul Street, Taunton, Somerset TA1 3XZ

For more information: Contact Somerset Art Works (SAW Ltd.) 01458 253800 /

 Hip Hawker is organised and commissioned by Somerset Art Works (SAW), funded by Arts Council England’s lottery fund and kindly supported by Taunton Library.

Hip Hawker is a continuation of Café Konvertible (

A collaborative art project organised by Somerset Art Works during Somerset Art Weeks 2011. Café Konvertible workshops ran a vintage VW camper van for one intensive week and the subsequent few weeks, showcasing all the design object products at Wick Farm, Langport. The travelling workshops were located in Yeovil, Langport, Wells, Street and Montacute in Somerset. The venues ranged from on the street in the town centre to a National Trust property. Participants were aged from 5 to 70 years old, from all walks of life and experiences.

About Konvertible (
Konvertible is a design initiative by visual artist Lisa Cheung (based in Granada, Spain & London) and designer Sammy Delgado Escobar (based in Madrid). Working with everyday materials, Konvertible's intention is to produce unique and interesting design objects that are affordable and fun.

About Somerset Art Works (
SAW is an artist-led organisation and Somerset’s only countywide agency dedicated to developing the visual arts. We currently have over 400 members, including artists, makers, curators and organisations. The core of SAW's philosophy is to provide opportunities for artists and makers to make new work, network with other artists and engage with a variety of organisations, landscapes and communities. SAW organises annual the Somerset Art Weeks event and a wide range of visual arts projects. 

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