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25 August 2012

Over to you...The SAW Open Studios 2012 Artists have their say....

This week's post has been specially created with the input and responses from artists taking part in  Somerset Art Weeks Open Studios 2012. I hope it gives you a taste of what to expect, be inspired from and encourage you to explore the fantastic array of artistic talent that Somerset has to offer! There are many exciting locations, events and workshops taking place this year, so please have a look on the SAW website (link below) for more details.
 From September 15th to the 30th you can visit REAL LIFE ARTISTS in their studios, galleries and in some cases tithe barns and woodlands throughout the county! If you'd like a SAW Art weeks guide, or an Education Pack or just to have a browse through the 221 venues on offer this year then have a click on the link here:
Lastly, a BIG thank you to all of the artists who contributed to this weeks post, enjoy!
Kate Noble – Venue 31, Godney, Wells

 “I am sharing my space VENUE 31, with Susanna Lisle from Bath.”
'Paintings by Kate Noble and Susanna Lisle, explore the use of dazzling colour within contemporary themes.'
“I enjoy Art Weeks because people come to look at my work, who otherwise I should not meet.”

“My special preparations will be to clean out and re-paint my studio space, so that the studio, which is 21' x 11' can have more of a gallery feel.”
Fiona Campbell – Venue 10, West Cranmore

 What are you most looking forward to about this year's Somerset Art Weeks Open Studios?
“It will give me a chance to clear up my studio (much needed!), garden and meet new and regular SAW visitors.”
 Are you making any special preparations to your studio for Art Weeks this year?
“I'm just starting on some new work, so there'll be something fresh for visitors to see as part of my SAW exhibition - a mix of drawings and sculptures. I'll also be offering taster wire workshops each Sunday lunchtime*.”
*Click on link above for more details or artists website below

Chris Jelley/Story Walks – Venue 110, (locations vary visit link for more details)

“My studio is a little fluid as I do the digital storywalks, often the walk itself becomes the studio which I then work into sketch pads and I fiddle / tinker with the tale. I posted a blog last week with images from the Dulverton Walk
“As for special preparations I am hoping to have the new web walker ready for art week, which still might happen (fingers crossed if testing goes well!). Basically it's a very easy way for people to access my walks just through one click on my website. So very excited about that and possibilities there in.”

Join Chris on the 22nd September at 10.00 at the Tantivy in Dulverton for 'The Watching Way' walk! 

 Jane Mowat – Venue 125, Watterow
'Places to Dream In' event, in the woods above Chipstable.

‘A special art installation in a wood above Chipstable. A nest built with natural materials that change and degrade over time by Liz Fathers and a carved four poster bed by Jane Mowat inviting the viewer to sleep and dream amongst the trees. Evening events of music, storytelling, singing or experience the quiet of the wood. Wed, Fri & Sun 6 - 8pm. Visitors advised to wear good footwear.’

I have been in contact with Jane as she organises this special event and installs her bed in the woods. She sent me these images as a sneak preview of the work and location

 Mark Nesbit – Venue 159, Langport

“We [Tracy and Mark Nesbit/two artists at this venue] had plans to renovate an old boiler house to extend our studio space to create a welding/metal workshop and provide wall space for exhibiting, but the terrible weather in spring and early summer meant that these have had to be shelved for perhaps next year. However, to circumvent the problem, we’ve bought a 10 x 3 metre marquee to house our exhibition so there will still be loads to see, probably more than originally anticipated. I have new work as yet unseen by the outside world as well as stuff made specifically for Art Weeks earlier in the year (as well as some old favourites from 2011) which can be seen on my Facebook page and website As one of the new South Somerset reps it has been great to meet many of the other participants, make a lot of new friends, to chat about what everyone is doing.”
Judith Champion – Venue 65, Burnham-on-Sea

“My ‘studio’ (aka the garage) was originally in fact a piggery....mmmm looks a bit like it too at the moment – I am going to have to have a bit (?) of a clear up before I dare open the doors to the public. The pig pen walls are useful for my paint pots and the rest of the space has become taken over with the things that fill a garage over the year. The photos here are very much the ‘before’ versions – I need to clear out the rubbish and get out the white emulsion!

However, I am very much looking forward to the art weeks – I am doing it on my own this year which should be a challenge but I always enjoy meeting the roll on Sept 14th!”


Simon Ledson – Venue 30, Lower Godney, Wells

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s Somerset Art Weeks Open Studios?
“Opening my studio, this will be the first time in three years I’ll be opening my studio, I took time out to finish my MA in fine art. I enjoy having my studio open to the public you meat interesting characters. It is beneficial to me as an artist to get a response from my work, it’s how work moves on and is also the time to visit other artists in there studios.
And finishing the work on time!”

 Are you making any special preparations to your studio for Art Weeks this year?
“A new body of work, started this work in November
Decorating and a good clean out.
Working on an installation art piece – in a way of showing the work.
Producing small and more affordable works.
Make the studios and venue space interesting, a new piece of work will be installed in the river by the studio.”
Tony Davey – Venue 115, Minehead
Thanks, Andy who sent me this image of his studio today!

Jenny Graham – Venue 80, Moorlynch
"I have been trying to finish my new photo-etchings for SAW and get them all framed. Plus tidying out the studio. What a lot of work, but worth it in the end. Here's one of my latest prints; I'm doing a series based on British woodland."


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