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29 April 2012

We're all ears!

        Please check out the new blog I'm currently developing (its nearly finished) at:
"A Somerset Journey is a search for the sounds and winds of Somerset. It is a month long performance looking for the song of the wind, seeking out songs and stories, and special sounding places in Somerset. We are also asking people to listen to the county and tell us about their favourite sounds.In the journey a troupe of ‘Wind Gatherers' travel around the county creating a series of special events for people to join in with; exchanging and sharing sounds, songs and stories, creating landscape jams and big sings, story telling picnics, campfire feasts, illuminated journeys, and noisy processions."

           The journey starts Monday May 21st, Taunton Olympic Torch Ceremony! All welcome!

  (above) The Foating Beacon of Sound and Light: This event took place in March on the river outside The Brewhouse and at Bridgwater. The 'Somerset Journey' will be of a similar nature, made by the same artists and will, of course, feature a big horn.

Please watch this space for more details on the 'Somerset Journey- Sounding out Somerset' project. Follow us on twitter @somersetjourney or get in touch with us at

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