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12 May 2011

It was Ms Scarlet, in the Pear Tree with the coffee grinder!

Whilst the name Scarlet von Teazel may conjure up flamboyant or promiscuous persona's of the likes of Miss Scarlett from Cluedo, I can assure you murder was not on the agenda at the recent private view of the Somerset based artists solo show at the Pear tree art gallery, East Reach, Taunton. The opening of which happened Monday evening this week.
And of course, as ever, I was there to see if I could unravel the mystery...
The Cluedo analogy isn't completely far removed from Scarlet's work, as truth be told, there is in fact always a little mystery involved in which the work features carefully selected everyday objects transposed alongside abstract bleached, soaked and stained paintings. An odd single child's shoe, worn and wrapped in paper lies amongst a box of old photos, books and assorted curiosities; whilst in another corner coffee stained paper books are rustling as someone walks past; sewn and stitched cocoon-like sculptures sway from the ceiling taking on an other-worldly-ness and all around you the room is warm, and glowing from the rich sepia colours that conjure up ideas of nostalgia and associations with history and archaeology. There is something about the way all these different oddities, tactile surfaces and objects come together that lures you in and invites you to explore and try and unravel the mystery of how they came to be. Or in some ways, what I think it does is allow you to create your own narratives as to where the objects came from and who they might have belonged to.The artist herself says,

"When I work, I am following instincts and distant echoes, leading a dialogue with the unconscious to try to achieve a deeper understanding of our world. My art is an extension of my search for answers and through it I try to connect with other people who like me feel at times a bit lost..."

Exactly, and there is something really honest about bringing 'stuff' together, as an artist whatever your preferred media that is really about trying to find answers and I personally like the fact that such everyday banal things such as envelopes and old receipts (in Scarlet's work for example) can undergo an alchemical transformation and be turned into something 'other'. Whatever that 'other' is exactly still remains a mystery and I think I like it that way.

Scarlet von Teazel's exhibition, 'Exposed' can be seen at the Pear Tree Art Gallery from now until the 10th of June.

For gallery opening times and details please go to:

For more of Scarlet's work please go to:

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